• Satisfaction Guarantee
    Promotion on Social Network
    Refund policy
    Great Customer Support
    Awesome Features
    Multi-Channel Advertising
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are committed towards our customers for providing world class services. We will make sure, that you get best of our services, if you do not receive minimum of two bookings in twelve months we will not remove your advert from our website for lifetime.

  • Promotion on Social Network

    We have a great plan to promote your property advert. Our social sharing link makes it easy for you and guests to spread the word about your property. We have integrated social sharing link on our website which allow you to share your property on popular social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many more.

    If you have an account on any of the social networking websites stated above, you can share it by clicking the sharing button to share the property with all of your friends, colleagues and family members.

    By doing this, you will start highlighting your property on the social network, hence more chance of getting the guests from the network.

  • Friendlywayhome also offers a Refund policy

    At Friendlywayhome, we create healthy relation with our customers and always try to serve our best. We thank you and appreciate your purchase with us and always work towards your benefit. Our main motive is to keep our customers at the safest position throughout their relationship with us.

    If at any point you feel that you are not happy with our services and want us to initiate refund. Please let us know and we will process a complete refund.

    (as per our refund policy)

  • Great Customer Support

    At any point of time, if you feel that you need our support, regarding any issue or concern, do let us know via phone or email, we are always here to help you, 24x7. We will be happy to assist you.

  • Awesome Features

    We offers some exiting and unbeatable features for you..

    Few highlights of what you get-

    • Unlimited photos
    • An interactive calendar
    • Guest reviews
    • A property location map
    • Great Customer support
    • Translation in more than 10 languages
    • 120 days at the top of our search results in your area
    • Dedicated marketing for your advert by our professionals
    • Bookings Guarantee

    And many more..Trust us, you will get best of our services.

  • Multi-Channel Advertising

    We have a dedicated team of professionals who work on marketing and promoting your property on different marketing channels. We also perform search engine optimization, which makes the website visibility on high priority on major search engines.

    This strategy highlights your property advert on multiple forums.